5-DVD Set "Nine Days of Bliss"

Photographs & Video DVDs for the entire trip of Sri Sathya Sai Baba to Delhi 2010 are available at the Book Stall of Sri Sathya Sai International Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Here is a glimpse of the complete DVD Set. Click the below image to enlarge:

۞ Photo DVD - 1600 Photographs from all the events [9th April to 18th April 2010]

۞ Mavlankar Video DVD - The Sai Way for Human Advancement, A Colloquium, Mavlankar Auditorium. Evening of 11th April 2010

۞ SSSIC, Lodhi Road Darshans & Lotus Temple Visit - Pack of 2 DVDs containing the Darshans (morning & evening) from 9th-18th April 2010 at SSSIC & Visit to the Lotus Temple on the Morning of 12th April Morning.

۞ Baisakhi Programme Video DVD - Baisakhi Celebrations at Dwarka Grounds. Evening of 13th April 2010

۞ Balvikas Programme at Dwarka Grounds (Evening of 10th April 2010) & Visit to Vidya Vihar School, Kalkaji (Morning of 14th April 2010) - Video DVD

Brought to you with the permission of the copyright owner by: Sri Sathya Sai Digital Archive, Delhi-NCR

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